Water Treatment

What was going on today? Did I miss something significant that I was not aware of?

While the cats continued their quarrel on the roof, the commotion did not get unnoticed. By other animals, I mean.

Not to be absent from such confrontation were stray dogs that probably sniffed the scent of their considered enemies. Three of them incessantly barked near the house wall, maniacally scratching the cement surface as if trying to climb it to join the fray. Their failure to attract the cats’ attention necessitated circling runs around the perimeter, possibly thinking of a way to surmount the obstacle.

I began to reach the limit of my patience. The collective noise generated by the animals got louder by the minute. No idea came to my mind on how to stop them.

I turned on the computer, leaving all the warring factions to themselves. I guessed sooner or later they would all get tired and leave the premises in a flash.

The news were not encouraging. Similar to the ongoing local animal conflict, nations in bitter struggle against each other could not find a solution to end their animosities. Death tolls rose daily, innocent civilians taking the brunt of the ugliness and barbarity of war.

I was losing my concentration: the animals would not stop. I need an active solution to keep the peace.

As a last resort, I went to the manual water pump, filling two buckets with water up to the brim. Carrying them near the walls, I scooped some using a liter-size plastic tub.

When the dogs came rushing from behind the house, I took aim and doused them with water. I repeated the motion several times until they ran away, drenched, their tails in between their legs.

Taking a long ladder from the storage shack, I climbed it to reach the outer rim of the roof. From there, I could see what I initially suspected: two cats snarling, their sharp claws targeting and scratching each other’s face and body.

I inched slowly toward them, my quiet steps denied their senses of my presence.

Now! I raised the bucket overhead and with all my might doused both animals. That would absolutely cool them down.

Caught by surprise, the two cats stared at me before escaping to different directions.

Then, a realization came to me. I know this was a simplistic solution to wars going on today.

Why not collect all leaders of the conflict in one place. While they’re facing the cameras, douse them all with water. I think the humiliation might put some sane sense in their heads.



17 thoughts on “Water Treatment

    1. Well, problem solved. No more noisy animals and they did not end up killing each other. If we can only apply such remedy worldwide, we will all be wet but alive. 😀

      1. Aye Belsbror that would do for us.
        Don’t know where you are right now, but where I am it is cloudy, just stopped raining. I am sitting behind a steering wheel drinking my Mcdonalds latte, watching the meth heads scurrying through the streets. It must be pay day at the dile office. The post offices will be hectic!
        A plane is descending above me. The airport is about 15 miles away, maybe less?
        Your posts take me away from what I see and live in everyday. They take me somewhere else. Somewhere hot. Somewhere tribal and free from the blood sucking society that the west has created. So Belsbror, for this I thank you.

      2. Maybe you know where is King Philip of Spain’s former colony in the Far East. That’s my kingdom. Just kidding. 😀
        I could imagine what you described. Somewhat dreary, I suppose. Your concrete jungle feels cold. I could sense it from here.
        Frankly, I do envy you while you sit behind the wheel, drinking latte. Well, perhaps I envy you more because of the latte. 🙂
        Anyway, I appreciate the exchange. It’s refreshing, I believe.
        P.S. I am trying to comment on your latest post. Unfortunately, the slow connection is a bummer. That round icon keeps revolving for over five minutes now.

    1. That’s a possibility. 🙂
      I will pass by any time soon. As always, the slow connection stifles my desire to surf more than what I could manage.
      See you there.

  1. What a lovely mental image this is. I think our world politicians could use a good dousing. Yes, indeed.

    …could we, perhaps, actually plan to make this happen and get arrested, ahem, accolades for pulling off the greatest practical joke in the history of politics?

  2. I love this…I will have to remember the water treatment LOLs…
    I will keep the hose handy, I am not fond of ladders 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, it was a smile and a chuckle,
    Take Care…you Matter…

  3. Yep, and why not make sure they are in their underwear at that ( but no need to televise!!). My mother often said it was so cowardly of these leaders to send men to war. If they have a problem, why not duke it out themselves?

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