Surely, you want to wake up in a quiet place, breathing fresh air while nothing sounds undesirable in the near vicinity. It would be a fresh start for a new day of unexpected moments.

This morning, I had the displeasure to welcome an unexpected moment even before I could open my eyes. Waking up should be the best event happening daily but today mine began in a sour note.

At first, I thought there were people on top of the roof, my house that is, who decided to play bowling, if that was even possible. There were rolling and banging, then running, rolling and banging. Pauses occurred but seconds later, the repetition got into my nerves.

I saw my cat looking up to the ceiling, wondering perhaps what was happening up there. Possibly, it knew but the mere fact we did not share a common language, I was unable to decipher the look on its face. It kept turning its head back and forth, listening and following the origins of the rumblings.

It glanced at me as if saying, “Beats me! Not my fight.”

The loud screeching noises provided me with answer. I suspected that two stray male cats did not find their meeting at the same place a coincidence. They arrived for a reason: my female cat.

“This is your fault,” I told my pet as I took her out to the living room. “If I am your father I would ground you for the rest of your life for bringing those two here.”

Damn! I was getting personal. What was I doing scolding an animal?

“Hey, cut it out already!” I shouted wildly. “You can’t step inside my house. If you do, I’ll have you castrated.”

I believed they understood my last word perfectly: the rumblings stopped.

“See! All you need is the exact term to get your message across,” I said to my cat, still observing the ceiling for movements.

Well, a few minutes later, I had to eat my words. The two animals were at it again. Noisier than before..



2 thoughts on “Rumble

  1. No doubt the cat rumble was no fun for you, as it disturbed your sleep, but your recounting of it humors me. Thank you for that. It reminds me of two cats who lived upstairs from me years ago. Every night they would rumble, running and tumbling along the length of the house. Then, too, I found it hilarious even if it did interrupt my sleep. Night is the cat’s domain. 🙂

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