“Come on! You’re not in the 90s, man!”

With a loud nagging voice, that was the end part of my dream this morning. 🙂

Funny how old memories came back when we least expected them. Surreal, if you ask me.

Perhaps, the marking point began yesterday when I unearthed an old T-shirt, faded with age, with patterned holes I did know existed. I never recalled placing it in the rags box, its sentimental value was worth more than its future use.

I opened the closet, checking if there were still similar types of clothing I had forgotten I owned. A weird idea came over me that I should wear them just for old time’s sake, reminiscing those times I was still able to jump and kick with utter joy and abandon.

Well, my blue denim pants was still there, the knees’ sections were partially slit, again with holes that I specifically recalled my own doing. With the shirt, the get-up was complete.

Alas! I did not factor in time, those years that added flesh to my former slimmer physique, that at present was a stark reminder I did age physically. Mentally and emotionally were another matter altogether. 😀

As I tried my tiresome best to fit in in the clothing that would not stretch to its limits, I can’t help but laugh at myself for doing those things I did during my ‘grunge’ phase. I was so different then that no one would probably believe I was transformed into a boring soul today. 😀

Young people do a lot of wild escapades that as we grew older we viewed as risky. But back then, when we were at the same age, we viewed old peoples’ shaking heads as biased to safe conduct.

I could partially conclude that generations’ gaps will not be bridged. Unless of course we as old timers accompany young ones to a rock concert, banging our heads like they do, shrieking like banshees without inhibitions. What a sight that could be!

Yeah, right! Wake up, man! 😀



5 thoughts on “Shaken

  1. Loved this post, Belsbror! I am now sitting here listening to Alan Parson’s Project Greatest Hits…Aww, the memories. I have some memorabilia in the form of size XS t shirts from various bands and concerts, that I cannot part with. Maybe I should make a quilt or wall hanging??
    As far as the generation gap…it is all in our minds…I have gone to rock concerts in my 40’s and even now in my 50’s and yes…done the head banging thing…shame on me….well, you know….as an “old timer”…hehehe!

    1. You are luckier to head bang when you attend concerts. I have to stay indoors and do it in the privacy of my home. Else, people here might call the mental institution and force me to get admitted. Hahaha! No way, I would act the say way I did back then. 😀

  2. I love the spirit of this blog but have to say I disagree. I think the generation gap is getting ‘smaller’. My son is getting into music and listens to many if the bands my husband and I listened to and we have even taken him to concerts we both enjoy. Or perhaps we should just act our age? Ha, ha

    1. I said partially, didn’t I? Hahaha! I was probing on who are the real rockers to this day. There’s a saying here that says: you catch a fish by the mouth. 😀
      You are correct, after all. Youngsters nowadays is discovering real music. I am sorry to admit this but the golden age of music lasted with the 20th century. Good songs today are but appearing like raindrops during a hot summer’s day.

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