An hour ago, I had to step outside to disturb my serious thoughts. As you have gleaned in my earlier posts, the political and social sides of my outlooks were trying to take charge of my day. I would not want to end up ranting through my next posts. That would be a frightening idea. 🙂

So, there I was at the outer tip of my site, collecting firewood from fallen branches of mahogany trees. Even the wooden shell of their fallen fruits could be used to start a fire. Being prepared had its rewards.

The southwest winds had been blowing since morning, keeping the temperature below the normal of 30 degrees Celsius. The temptation to work outside was high but I balked at the idea: it was nearing lunch.

I saw the dark clouds on the horizon. They massed as one, forming a blanket of darkness, inching towards my direction. Staring at it from afar gave me instant wonder how Nature could be so full of natural change.

I closed my eyes while my nose sniffed the freshest of air. In a matter of seconds, it cooled down. The signal was present: I learned of it from experience.

Placing the firewood in a sack, I lugged it on my shoulder, rehearsing in my mind how to run the quickest route back to the house. About a hundred yards, with calamansi trees as living obstacles, I could make it.

Here it is, I told myself. The faint sound was a few kilometers away but approaching very fast. The blackness faded into whiteness but still moving towards north.

I ran, the sound ominously creeping behind my back. It would seem it could overtake me. I had to run faster.

Five meters from the house, I felt slight wetness as small droplets of rain penetrated my thin shirt. No more than a few feet left and I would be safe.

I knew I won the race just in time, when the howling winds echoed maniacally, escorting the diagonally-falling rains, unsettling the peace of leaves on trees and plants. Everything outside felt the short period of Nature’s fury.

Figuratively, so did I.



7 thoughts on “Race

  1. Hi Belsbror I love when it rains, here in southern California it doesn’t rain to often and when it does it is like raindrops falling so beautifully on us from heaven..love it..we have had some rains along with heat way over the 100’s has stayed at 111 to 118 for the last couple of weeks.. sizzle steaks for sure on the ground..lol .that hasbeen the hottest so far.. Well have a great week Sherri.

    1. Oh, I am sorry that it’s too hot out there. 😦
      We are now having our rainy season (we have only two: dry and wet) so more likely the rains will stay with us for three more months.
      Have a wonderful week. If I could only send you more rain, I’ll do it. 🙂

      1. hehe, that would be nice….three months of rain my goodness, I guess I will stick with the hot weather although I do love rain…but maybe for three months..I am from Chicago originally and we had our three months of snow..I like that to…send some rain..that would be nice..
        Have happy Day!! Belsbror

      2. Sing! Rain, rain, don’t go away. Stay here all day! That should do it!
        We could choose where we live but we could not choose the weather to make us comfortable. I want here a bit of snow but that will be wishful thinking. I live near the equator. 😀

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