Killing Spree

Can you be considered a good shepherd if your followers misinterpret your guidance?

Ever heard something like this?

“By all means, kill. That’s what you should do!” the shepherd said with raised voice. “Do it! If you are bent on it, go out and look for your target!”

The crowd, including you, would be shocked at first. But since you respected his vision and beliefs, you would shout your agreement in unison with the others. Like fanatics, your spirits would be one.

“Kill poverty,” he shouted. All of you yelled your consent loudly, drowning the rest of his message, “not poor people.”

“Kill homelessness,” the same thing happened, “not the homeless.”

“Kill hunger,” similarly approved in the same fashion,  “not the hungry.

“Kill discrimination,” again for the fourth time, “not the discriminated.

A heightened sense of hysterical self-justification engulfed your being. Killing was the operative word that it brainwashed the good in you.

Much later, whenever your shepherd enumerated the ills of society according to his understanding, you could automatically connect the word killing as a permanent solution. There’s no need to convince you because you have convinced yourself beforehand.

You are now prepared to take matters in your own hands. You believe in your heart that your shepherd commanded you.

The maddening influence of religious leaders on their followers parallels such scenario. Even if they do not incite them to take a life, their constant incantations of who is the enemy push their members to the edge, their subliminal wishes fulfilled when the killing begins.

History showed how the purported good could be used as basis to kill. All that was needed were ill-minded shepherds and like-minded supporters, on either sides of conflicts.

After the smoke clears, with dead bodies all around, no one could claim that the good prevailed. More likely the good died when innocent victims suffered horrific fates.





6 thoughts on “Killing Spree

  1. You are an amazing man and an amazing writer.True religion is to be responsive to the heart. And I would say that, I am witnessing the subtle direction some leaders give. For people like us, that is very transparent, but there are people who lap it up after a certain compassionate logic has been undermined, by not developing a certain capacity of seeing for oneself. That’s the best way I can put it. Thank you for this amazing post! I just saw it as I am contemplating this very issue that I am seeing in my own community. And I am very spiritual, and very religious, but my connection to Spirit sometimes gives me eyes to see certain things clearly. You just succinctly described a certain technique of influence. So much to chew on here!

  2. They always begin with the promises, those out-of-this world rewards. Ill-minded followers take the bait.
    So sad to hear that ordinary people, peaceful believers, getting in the middle of both sides’ fanatical killings.
    I am too angry when I wrote this post. I just watched on TV how civilians on both sides are terrified, others died while others living scared, both sides.
    It is senseless, I think.

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