Better Aid

Not all people wishes to transfer to a developed country. Based on the adage, there’s no place like home, people would more likely stay in place if they feel safe and comfortable.

Young adults are more prone to be adventurous and look for their future somewhere. I had this very idea when I was in my mid twenties. With all the allure of the new sights and exciting activities found in the West, who would not be mesmerized and be pulled towards it?

If and when they successfully reached their destination, some of their expectations was not satisfied. Then, when everything was not going well, that ever-haunting call of home would overcome one to a realization: I should be back where I truly belong.

I shared such thought. I concluded back then that all I needed was a place to live in peace and have food security. All the rest that I wished to possess was secondary to the primary purpose of existence.

In my opinion, there are solutions to prevent unnecessary mass migration. We only  have to see the other side of the coin, the obvious answers we have nowadays seem to fail.

More developed countries should channel their efforts to technology transfer especially in agriculture to help poor countries produce more food. Locals could raise their standards of living, bypassing ideas to look for greener pastures.

Preserving peace will follow once people do not feel threatened by inequality and injustice brought about by poverty. It is widely believed that individuals who are contented with their lives do not seek for trouble.

As they say, “Do not give a man fish every time. Teach him how to fish.” And to add my own view, “Give them peace while they are fishing.”



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