There are so many problems in this world we should give more importance to. This is one of them.

We should think more on preserving lives than letting them die.


11 thoughts on “Survive

    1. When I first heard about it, I felt sad. When I saw the MTV clip, my eyes were opened. I never thought that America has that many homeless people. My earliest view was that America is the land of milk and honey.

      1. It’s gotten A LOT worse here in the past 15yrs. There are homeless everywhete in the U.S. now..even in the tiniest cities.
        Sadder than sad really. Just the other day I gave a homeless veteran a 20 dol bill and wished I’d had enough money to give him 100s.
        The world economies are such a mess these days. I have no solutions at all just compassion but unfortunately no one can take that to the bank..

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