Back then, mass emigration was welcomed because it gave individuals and their families some hope to start anew, leaving behind their homes and past. History could enumerate their various contributions to their adopted land that enriched culture and provided new avenues for growth.

Times has changed. Descendants of former migrants are not as willing as their forefathers to welcome new arrivals. One of the most contentious issues nowadays is border security.

With the continuous streams of people from one country to the next, the need to control who comes in and who can’t depends on the existing rule in place. Economic migrants often move to where work is found, creating social headaches that the locals had to absorb bitterly.

On the surface though, they would not openly state their objections. subscribing to a wait-and-see attitude. But, in truth, citizens are wary: they have valid reasons.

Who would not get scared if someone comes along and takes one’s job because that individual is willing to receive slave wages? Who would not be frightened if some of those coming are not simple workers but thugs searching for new victims? Who would not claim that economic resources would be spread thin with the additional mouths to feed?

Adding to those concerns are the threats from terrorism which should not be overlooked. Obviously, everyone accepted the fact that those who arrived belonged to different nationalities who possess diverse backgrounds that even some are sworn enemies, bringing along their conflicts in the new arena.

Let the discussions be objective. Consider first the state of economy if it could support the immigrants’ needs. Otherwise, limit their entry for their own sake.



5 thoughts on “Influx

  1. Not to mention the spread of diseases that the U.S. has long since eradicated. We must also ask ourselves the question “if we were to send our children to another country as “refugees” what would happen to them?” I really doubt if they would receive the care and attention that these illegal immigrants are getting in our country now.

    1. Illegal immigrants will always be an issue: people look for greener pastures. But if developed nations help them constructively in their own countries, I think many of them will stay home.

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