Fully recovered from the weakened state, a.k.a. lazy mode, I was back outside for another round of clearing work. I surmised that it was my inactivity during the rains which brought about the shock of getting back to manual work. Muscles which were re-flexed yesterday were ready for anything strenuous once again.

I hid myself in the orchard, seeking refuge from incoming issues I was not too lucky to resolve satisfactorily days earlier. Solitude with Nature was what I had in mind. All I need now was the hymn of beautiful tweets of birds accompanied by the rustling leaves strummed to a melodic swishing by the constant breeze.

Quiet in the background, I was alert as a dog watching over a property against trespassers. I blended with the surrounding, clad in green and brown outfit, like a chameleon merging colors with its hideaway.

I saw one of my godchild passed by, surveying the grounds, probably looking for his Ninong who decided to be invisible for a time. He had no class because his teacher was on a seminar, giving him more time to wander about. As usual, his main destination was Ninong’s place.

He resembled me when I was young, too curious, asking weird questions that sometimes befuddled me. I was him, and  I wasn’t. At his age, he was more mature than I was when I was young like him. It was a good thing that adults nowadays did not resort to beating children for slight offense. Back then, my impertinence, as was with him now, would always get a hard slap from a thick slipper wielded by a enraged adult.

I wanted to call him, to tell him fictionalized stories, watching his eyes widened with excitement and wonder. But, I needed to finish my work. He could be nuisance by climbing trees which I vehemently forbade for fear he could fall down.

He was gone in minutes, looking for other children to play with. That was good because he did not have to grow mentally old so quickly by conversing with someone who saw a bleak future. He should be a child for as long as possible.



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