Take Courage

Telling the truth will always be difficult to practice once lies take over our lives.

It may hurt but it has to be said.



9 thoughts on “Take Courage

  1. Don’t take my attendance personally I almost always track down a song to remind myself or to find out if its one of the many great songs I’ve missed. Thanks for this I’d forgotten how good he was good back in the day.

  2. I love this song , so true, I had beautiful restaurant ant lounge for a long long time and you find out working and knowing so many people that there are so many dishonest not so true people that use you because of your
    celebrity and position…Yet there were so many wonderful loving and kind. ..But I found it is hard to trust.
    but I still do..maybe that is a contradiction ….oh well Belsbror..I.love the song and people…thanks for the memories..

    1. Thank you for sharing with me your experience. I believe we connect to songs we had memories attached to them.
      I like the song and its message. Perhaps, learning from it gives the song justice.

      1. I love music, I have a file in my memory that when I I hear a certain songs immediately that memory come forth…..I was raised with music so I remember my mom and dads favorite songs. My children were raised with mine and now I am raised with my grandchildren music..hehe..music is warming to the heart and soul..
        Nice visiting with you!!
        It brought many memories Belsbror,..love it

      2. I have a great time with our exchange. I could imagine you and your family out there, listening to all sorts of music. What a wonderful get-together that would be, the fusion of old and new music.
        Thank you for the visits! I appreciate all your kind words.
        Blessings to you and the whole family.

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