When planes disappeared or shot down, we often hear various theories surrounding the tragedies. Back then, we simply pointed to pilot error or pure accidents. There would be investigations to follow but they would all end up as acceptable closures to families of the deceased.

Nowadays, suspicions have basis. However, to unearth all the evidence pointing to the masterminds of those horrific crimes that killed innocent people will never be a straightforward task. The walls of secrecy would have been erected even before the calls for the truth are loudly aired.

Open war is such a misfortune to all the victims, combatants and civilians. What more is a war that is secretly waged by shadows in dark places, unknown faces who cowardly plot murder and execute them without conscience.

They do not believe in diplomacy for they know that they will be worthless and useless without conflicts flaring anywhere. Peace will kill them. They need the killing to keep us in perpetual shock and fear.

They are pitting us against each other, using our biases and prejudices to their advantage, knowing we will automatically swallow whatever rhetoric they shove to us. They are succeeding: we are in constant tension.

We should be smarter than them. Or else, one of these days, we could be one of the statistics in some of those dastard deeds.




6 thoughts on “Interconnected

  1. kinda makes you wonder who the real terrorists are and why we tolerate it…our governments control us with fear, religions seek to control us with fear, the news media control us with fear. it’s disgusting.

  2. Propaganda is the most effecient way of turning the heads of the general population away from the truth. We are constantly bombarded with hate fueled headlines.
    The world us gearing up for another version of the holocaust. I hope we all start to see things for what they are.
    Love your posts

    1. Yes, you’re quite right. There are lots of misleading information around. On the surface they seem to be telling the truth but then again, who is really saying it.
      Always appreciate the support.

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