“Ninong, can you give me five pesos?”

Not very often I am approached by any of my godchildren to ask for money. Usually, their respective parents are not remiss in their responsibilities to provide for their children’s pocket money.

However, when some of them came to me regularly these past few days I could not help it but wonder what was going on.

I had a conversation with one of my kumpare yesterday but I could not squeeze in the subject of my recurring thought about his son’s need for money.

“He’s a good boy,” I remarked, nodding contemplatively on how to bring about my concern. “He sure knows how to use his money wisely.”

“I can’t complain,” my kumpare smiled proudly. “He even loaned me some when I fell short during a trip to the market.”

“Is that so?” I could very well say goodbye to my suspicion. But that did not answer what’s troubling my mind.

“I tried to find his piggy bank but unfortunately he is too good at hiding things,” he confessed with a sinister laugh.

“That must explain why he asks me five pesos daily,” I blurted out, almost glad it sounded harmless. “He is feeding the pig.”

“Probably,” he agreed immediately. “I once heard him talking to the other children. I think they are competing on who has the highest savings.”

“That’s great to hear,” I nodded approvingly.

Unaware of the conspiracy, I was their secret source of funds. That was why they did not approach me at the same time. They were operating individually, unknowing they had similar modus operadi.  😀



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