They’re good!

I never realized all my made-up stories of spies and stuff would stick in their heads. Using some of the tradecrafts against me was brilliantly executed.

Frankly, I would not brag but I thought I was very qualified to extract information from someone without exposing my motives. If the subject was a child, it would be a piece of cake, or so I believed.

The youngest came to me once more the next day. He probably forgot how he managed to escape my queries.

“Ninong, can you give me ten pesos? I want to buy food.”

“Of course,” I said without guile. “You can tell the others to come so all of you can get something from me.”

With a toothy grin and a warm thank you, he took the money.

“They are busy with their homeworks, after that, their chores.”

“Where are you going this weekend?” I asked, lulling him with a different topic.

“I wish I could go with them to the town center. My father won’t let me because he said I am still too young to wander without an adult to accompany me.”

Bingo! He could be my unwitting accomplice.

“Well, I can ask your father. I can accompany you.”

He was overjoyed with the suggestion, jumping up and down like he won the lottery.

“Will you buy me a toy?” his eyes twinkled with anticipation.

“We’ll see,” I said conditionally. I was not really a fan of toys as gifts. I would rather treat them to eat out.

“I will tell them about this,” he yelled happily, eager to tease them of his luck.

“No, no, no,” I said emphatically. “We’ll surprise them. You said they’re going to the town center, too.”

He winked as if our connivance would never be revealed to no one.

“Go now. Not a word, huh?”

As I saw him ran toward the nearest store, I believed I got the upper hand in our little mysterious escapade. The weekend would be too interesting to all of us.



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