Ingenuity will lead you to different solutions when your first idea is to follow what everyone does. To swim against the current is difficult but sometimes one has to do it to prove it can be done.

I have always been considered a negative-minded individual by people who do not understand how I think and how I analyze events. Usually, speaking about warnings would always be construed as negativity when it’s supposed to be regarded as friendly advice. They often tell me that I sounded like the prophet of doom.

Well, the so-called prophet of doom is but a man who traces his analyses through bits and pieces of historical data. How do you connect the dots if you do not see them in the first place?

Someone asked me once why does the Philippines stayed a poor country since its citizens are supposed to be literate and devoutly religious. I replied, “Those are the reasons.”

Of course, the reaction to my answer was a raised eyebrow. How could you answer a question from where the answer comes from? Don’t be confused. 🙂

Filipinos know the answer to the question but they will never acknowledge they do not follow what the answer is. They will shout out loud today but will easily forget when a new issue comes to fore. The important follow through does not happen most of the time.

We will never prosper like people in developed nations. Why? We rely on patronage mentality, the symbiotic relationship between the government and the governed, when we stick to the notion that if we are given something, we should give back something in return. That’s how politicians think and fool us: they give us money from the national coffers which we own but give them in a way that we owe them debts of gratitude. When election comes, we follow our personal principles and vote them to office even if they do not deserve it. It’s a crooked reasoning but most of us adheres to it faithfully.

History is often repeated in our case. Unfortunately, we never learn. Pity.



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