During daytime, the problem is the heat. In the evening, there’s a war I have to contend with.

If the enemies are all over you, what do you do? Shield yourself with something they could not penetrate while you stay safe and protected.

Mosquitoes are everywhere and there’s nothing I could do about it. When the rainy season comes, rest assured they will be present wherever there’s a host to feed on. That’s me, for instance.

These insects know which part of the body is vulnerable that they target it every time. Even if I cover myself all over with clothing, they will persist to attack any exposed skin.

In sports, the best defense is offense. Unfortunately, when it comes to mosquitoes, the reverse is true. I could never win the battle if I go on the offensive like spraying insect repellent or using the locally-trusted mosquito coil that produces smoke which turn away the suckers. They have devised their own strategies to go around both.

I have learned from experience how to get rid of the incessant pestering while I am in front of the computer. So, what do I do? I use a mosquito net. Inside, I could do whatever I want, knowing that outside it are angry mosquitoes, probably trying their darnedest best to get in. Touch luck!

In any situation, when problems arise, there is a solution that is not the most obvious to follow. Sometimes, it presents itself when other things fail.



17 thoughts on “Tactic

  1. Just a home remedy I used to use when I was working clearing mosquito infested brush from roadsides when I was younger…. Eat more bananas. It seems to make mosquitoes less interested in you. We also used Avon’s Skin So Soft body oil.

    1. Some mosquitoes are different from the others. The local variety is not afraid of OFF lotion. They hover and attack to patches of exposed skin when you least expect.
      I will try eating bananas as you suggested. We’ll see if mosquitoes does not come close. 🙂

  2. I like your style. I got me a treated mosquito net 3 weeks ago. Got tired of the suckers taking bites out of me. A few times I’ve fallen asleep on top of the cover with my net still down. I guess I can’t always win the war. Can you?

      1. We have this new nice smelling mosquito repellent that feels like a moisturizer but keeps the damned things away. Funny thing is, they are called Good Night!

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