When you are concentrating on your chores, sometimes you forget how time flies. If you are enjoying it a lot, you could be so absorbed in it that you fail even to take something into your mouth. Well, we call that eating if the term escaped your engrossed mind.

More than five hours without solid food and I am still at it, cleaning my computer of clutter in it to gain more processing speed. I should have done this a long time ago which more often than not I blame on slow connection.

Thanks to my  tinkering, I even discovered other functions which were in the main programs I use but I have not took advantage of because of my reliance on standalone applications. In some way, I was never aware of the redundant features of programs and applications which could be running at the same time at any given moment.

I was not ready to call it done when something inside the house probably thought I had enough for the day. Sometimes, there are signals that we take for granted. A minute ago, I was given one of that.

From the roof something dropped on my shoulders. At first, I did not recognize it nor I took special attention to it. But when it crawled to my neck, I felt its cold feet. Instantly, the information was sent to my brain as to what kind of creature disturbed my peace.

I did know why the lizard decided to go for a free fall on me. But I guess, it observed me for a long time from above that a surprise prank was in order. It served its purpose: I stopped.

I am on a break. Before I continue later, I will check the roof first before sitting down. I do not want anymore surprises.



10 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. A lizard?! I know you may be used to such things, but the fact that you were so calm about it….let’s just say I freaked at the sight of a rather large bug yesterday and decided immediate that the sound of him crunching under my foot was much less scarey than he WAS. Have a good day.

    1. I could not describe how I jumped out of my chair. Lost for words, really. 😀
      I am not so afraid of these animals. I just don’t want to be surprised. I do more damage if that happens. 🙂

    1. I am like that. Once I concentrate on something, especially something I enjoy, I could do it for hours. I once watch DVD for a whole day without eating, Just water. (laughs)

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