When there is a slow connection, a computer which is cluttered with unnecessary programs (which probably run in the background) becomes a low-tech box of electronic components and wiring. The main objective of high technology is quick and efficient operation that could simulate real time activities.

While checking all the installed programs in my computer, I found out that I have three word processing and two of both database and spreadsheet programs, and a host of offline games I never use. It would seem they were pre-installed in the unit when I initially bought it.

Then, there are three browsers and several media player programs to choose from. I am wondering if I need all of them or to simply uninstall the others that eat up space as if they were parked there for display.

For those tech savvy out there, perhaps you can answer my simple question. Which programs should I retain in my computer? I have backed up my image and document files. The media files reside in a separate hard drive.

Any suggestions?

Another icon I see at the corner of my screen seems staring at me to get noticed. Frankly, I have never clicked it for some reason I could not comprehend. I thought the trash can is just that: a container of unwanted data.

Well, I got the surprise of my computer life. That innocuous part of the system saved thousands of deleted files which in reality is a an option to resurrect them for further use. I have always used the undo function when I make mistakes of deleting segments in drafts.

Because of this discovery, I freed more space in the system by permanently deleting those files in the recycle bin.

Our computer, or any gadget for that matter, has to be in good running condition. Just like our brain, we need to clear it of unwanted data that serves no purpose in our daily lives.



12 thoughts on “Efficiency

    1. I write a lot so I need a word processor. I take photos so I need a photo editor. I watch downloaded videos so I need a media player. Other than that I think I I do not need other programs which I will never use. That’s the efficient computer I have in mind.

    1. I have started uninstalling some programs which I think are of no use to me. I do not touch operating system programs for obvious reasons. 😀
      This process should be done carefully so I ask for suggestions from those who the stuff. 🙂

  1. It is a safe bet to delete any games you don’t play and production software (word processing, database, and spreadsheet programs) that you don’t use. But I suggest using the Windows uninstall to do so so that you get a clean and safe deletion.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. I have tried those earlier. I am still looking for other programs that run in the background like installed apps. I have an old computer so I need fewer programs to have a faster operation.

  2. If a program is installed but doesn’t run unless you use it, then it is not slowing your computer. I use Ccleaner every day to remove temporary files. It also tells you which programs launch themselves at start-up. Any you don’t want you can stop. It is free.

  3. Our brain is naturally efficient. It deletes all the information that is not necessary and it modifies the information that may really hurt us. A good way to survive! And much more modern than any actual computer! 🙂

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