Do you feel safe where you are now? Do you have any apprehensions when you go out the door?

We choose where we live. Or, to some, the choice was not theirs. In both situations, the thought of physical safety is one of the most important factor to take into consideration. What is life when one feels threatened to live it.

In my case, I might be in an undeveloped part of this planet, removed from the modern lifestyles I often see in the media, but I could easily claim that I feel a lot safer from natural and man-made calamities. Yes, I traded much of the comforts of modernity just to make sure my survival in this world has better chances than the average.

I am well aware that some parts of the world are literally on fire. People in those places hope their luck continue to escape becoming part of soon-to-be-forgotten statistics read on the news. Yet, they do not control the situation when in just a split second, their lives could be lost.

Hearing terrible news of innocent lives being sacrificed in the name of ideologies of various groups, of conflicts leading to unabated violence, and of mistakes destroying lives and properties, never appeals to me. I might be very far away from those areas of carnage but I could not help but be outraged by the insanity of them all.

Sometimes, I think that the only hazard of living in a safe place is to feel nothing at all about the miseries in the world. To say without conscience: I don’t care.

Not me. I do care.



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