Cleaning House

Hello guys and gals!

A truly wonderful Saturday I wish for all of you. I am happy to announce that the sun is shining, as usual, without any trace of the predicted storm on the horizon. I hope nothing could dampen our sunny mood today.

I was busy yesterday cleaning my email because of the thousands of notification I left unattended during the past several weeks. I also noticed that my computer’s performance declined due to too many unnecessary applications enabled which I did not actually use. I partially finished the cleanup yesterday.

I am sure the scheduled posts you viewed yesterday were enjoyable enough to watch while I worked in the background. Blog maintenance is a lot of work if not accomplished with regularity. Lesson learned.

Happy blogging to all!



9 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. Isn’t that amazing how much clutter we accumulate in the computer? It’s so easy since we actually don’t see it in literal terms but it sure does slow the system down.

    1. I have a history eraser app. Everything else were disabled now. Email has to be cleaned because it loads so slow if there are too many notifications. I have to leave only the most important messages to remove the clutter.
      My blog overhaul is only half finished. I want it done before August comes along.

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