Classical is serious music, right?

Watch this. This is seriously wonderful to listen to. 🙂

Music transcends all boundaries.



11 thoughts on “Amusement

  1. I never listen to classical music, but I just watched and listened to this entire thing and that was GREAT. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed that.:)

      1. It probably could, as I enjoy a wide range of music and genre’s. I’ve just never really given classical music a chance, I guess. So, once again, thanks so much for sharing that beautiful piece with the world. It was, also, fun to watch. 🙂

      2. Maybe you can find some more of that good stuff and share it with the world. I’m back in the hospital so I don’t know when I’ll be writing again. Take care.:)

      3. I constantly look out for meaningful music. Old music has to be sought and discovered. I will try to post more in the future.

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