Hello guys and gals!

Another storm has passed us by, fortunately without major damage this time. Of course, the power outages and erratic internet connection kept me on and off the computer. I had to resort to more creative approaches to post content.

I hope you were not too bored reading my past love life. The inclement weather provided the spark because like it, those moments were stormy the most and calm the least. I thought that my mistakes before and realizations afterward could offer some of you in similar situations some ideas to ponder.

As to blogging, I learned new lessons the past weeks. My experimentation continues as I discover more ways to present content much different that I used to. You can expect more changes in the future.

I am grateful to all your comments, suggestions and more importantly, generous words of appreciation. You cannot imagine how elated I am whenever you express encouragement especially about my writing.

I write for all of you. Please remember that. 🙂


I have not finished a blog tour post and several awards nominations posts. With the Reader not functioning well (the problem could be local connections), I have difficulty accessing blogs. If I use my email account as launching site, it would take me several weeks to do my blogging chores.



21 thoughts on “Variety

    1. This is the time of the year we are visited by storms. There’s another one on the way while the old one left yesterday.
      Thank you for reading what I had to offer. I am glad you liked them. 🙂

      1. We are used to it so we adapt. I left the city to live farther away from the paths of storms.
        I lived in the desert once, when I worked in the Middle East. Sorry, I like to see Nature’s greens all the time. 🙂
        But most important of all, we like it where we are at. Warmest greetings then. (laughs)

      1. We are on the hills! Where I am is not really on the path of storms. We often get sideswiped. 😀
        Thanks for sending the angels. Most of my countrymen need them. 🙂

      1. I hope those who do not believe in climate change experience it first hand so they could accept the fact that we do not know everything about Nature’s wrath.

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