No Touching

We use our hands in almost all our activities that needed physical contact. Sometimes there are rules that we need to abide to whenever we feel the itch to hold someone or something.

I recalled an evening when I was having supper with my family when I was in high school. The subject of old fashioned courting became the topic when my mother mentioned how my father could not touch her hands while they were not still engaged. I heard other tales before but that one was simply unbelievable based on my more modern views.

Even more extreme was the story of a man who embraced the woman she courted because he was so happy she said yes to his proposal. The next day they were married because her parents caught them in the act. That was how honor was viewed back then: physical contact, however harmless, between the opposite sex often led to lewd interpretation, thus instant marital union to protect the so-called family reputation.

Times has changed. Partners affectionately touch one another even in public. I believe it is called PDA or public display of affection. Sometimes, from the observer’s point of view, this is nothing more than sex without the actual event.

I am not a moral crusader here. I am simply pointing out how some people might interpret what couples believe as their right to show their love wherever they want to. There could be times that the act itself could even provoke trouble which no one wants in the first place.

There’s no harm for being cautious.



7 thoughts on “No Touching

  1. My Lady and are affectionate in public and private, we love to hold hands and hug. For many years we could not do so in public because the military had rules against it even though we were married. I am retired now and we enjoy touching whenever we want. We are not lewd as I’ve seen some couples be. We are merely respectfully, genuinely, lovingly affectionate. I think it sets a good example for children as well. With all the divorce, violence, and antagonism in the world today, I think people need to see more love and affection.

    1. Public display of affection, if done with respect, is not a bad thing. Partners should know the limits of decency.
      However, there are couples who use their right absolutely to shock people. That’s the concern I am talking about.
      You are correct, respect is the key.

  2. Remember the time that we hold hand in hand, arms in arms, shoulder to shoulder growing up in PI. It was such a kind of friendship I miss here in Canada. Now everything is misconstrued. At the school level, one Super decided that no touching at school. How can you stop the children from not touching especially when it come to game time. It’s normal. Good Grief! People’s mind have gone to a pot.

    1. The times has changed. 😦
      Our civilization had turned from innocence into violence. Harmless touches before do not lead to crime. Now, even short glances could lead someone to weird thoughts.
      People should use their private space to do things other people see as lewd. Otherwise, do as you normally do outside with your partner.

    1. The title might be too extreme but I used it to attract attention. 🙂
      It is the lewd actuation I am concerned about and not the casual touches we see everyday. That is perfectly normal. 🙂

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