Bad Hair

Do not trust the wind when you protect your hairstyle from falling apart.

Before the gel became popular, there was the pomade. Some of you might have remembered those days when people, especially men, applied generous amounts of it to their hair. My father was one of the adherents to this practice.

When the dashing image of men was in style, almost everyone became a follower. It was understandable in a society where popularity was king.

I never liked its greasy nature. I was a rebel then about many things but this was way too easy to except from my daily grooming. I liked my hair flowing as natural as it could be.

However, there was a time (just once) I was forced to apply pomade to my hair. (It would never happen again. I swore.)

My visit to the barber was postponed so I was stuck with a longer hair than the usual I had. A storm was at hand and naturally it brought with it more than stronger winds. I had to go somewhere important but my hair kept covering my face: I looked silly walking as if I was Linda Blair in the Exorcist movie.

Well, the pomade solved the problem. Unfortunately, it caused also another.

I was not aware of it but some wayward leaves stuck to my hair at the back of my head during my walk. People kept staring at me with strange looks as if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

It was good thing that a curious child pointed them out to me before I rode the bus. Or else, I could have walked around all day looking like a fool. 🙂



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