It was my idea, my selfish idea to be alone for sometime to think things over. She was against it but there’s nothing she could do to overturn my decision.

Yes, I was such a fool.



8 thoughts on “Tested

  1. with this song, i heard your missing, go and make all what it is possible to be with her. it is an “old love” between you and she….i do not care about my English…but i care about a soul..love is not suffering and missing all time…it is about sharing lovely moments with the person who is alive in your heart! Good luck, dear friend! sorry for writing, p.s. my soul and mind….please delete after you reading

    1. You have shared a very meaningful advice and I am grateful for that.
      Do not worry about your writing. As time goes, with practice, you can express yourself more the way you wish to be heard.
      Keep going. I am sure you can do it.

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