A Piece of Me

When I reached the second decade of my life, I figuratively felt like a pizza. I was sprinkled with all the toppings of youth and verve while baked to a crisp by discipline from a strict father and more than a decade of non secular teachings.

I was about to be divided by the confusion brought out by worldly affairs.

Loving had a new meaning. That’s what the opposite sex explained to my cold and calculating head. Whatever puppy love, teen love and other love combined, I entered the arena of ‘this is the real thing’ love.

What’s a slice of the whole devoted to someone I tried to know personally? Could it be any more difficult than getting along with my younger sister? She is a Gemini.

“Do you love me?”

How many times should I answer this simple question to appease her insecure feelings? I always thought I was supposed to be more insecure because she was a beauty compared to my being the beast.

“Don’t look at other women!” she often warned.

“Tell me, how on earth could I do that?” I asked one time, somewhat irritated of her invasion of what I needed to see.

“Because I am the only girl in your life.”

Frankly, she had a point. I even told her that myself when I started to court her.

“Can I look at my mother, my sister, my aunt, my niece or any female relative in my clan?”

“No,” she would joke to diffuse the tension brewing between us.

It could have been a fairy tale romance but fate and reality had other plans. Nothing could have prepared us to face the real challenges of growing up.

She took a piece of me with her departure. From then on, I was incomplete.



7 thoughts on “A Piece of Me

  1. A delightful love story. It’s a joy to read your writing.
    I hate when I make a typo, so I hope you don’t mind my drawing your attention to a typo in the second line from the bottom: could had prepared.

  2. I like the piece, well paced and filled with some reverberating imagery. The pizza thing is still ringing in my head as I write this. I guess my only criticism is that I’m still not sure what it is she took from you, as it could be interpreted any number of ways.

    1. Well, you are correct about your observation. She did took something from me and even now I am still incomplete. What is it? The chance of a lifetime with her.
      Imagine all the what ifs that followed after our separation all these years, it could have been non-existent today.
      There were chances that should have not been wasted.

    1. I do appreciate your generous words. You are too kind. 🙂 I cannot load the Reader and the dashboard right now, perhaps because of the stormy weather we are experiencing. I had luck earlier when successfully posted videos. A piece of me begins my recollection of one most memorable part of my life. I could still rewind it in my head with such clarity. Even the videos form part of a relationship that was not meant to be, I guess I found an outlet for my past misgivings. Life will go on for me, I am sure of it.

      On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 2:22 PM, belsbror wrote:


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