“Anyone home?”

I thought I was still dreaming. Yesterday was but a memory to me.

What time was it? I could have overslept and forgotten some of my responsibilities during mornings.

“Hello! Anyone home?” the incessant loud query was getting into my nerves. There was a local saying that stated: better trouble a drunk than a newly-awakened one. The personality outside should have thought of that before disturbing my peace.

“There’s no one home,” I yelled back, my eyes still closed. “This is a ghost.”

Silence replied back. It seemed the guest understood what the rejoinder was all about: get lost.

I was already recalling my last snore when a ghoulish voice sounded near the window.

“If you will not get out of here, this poltergeist will do a lot of damage.”

Quickly, I jumped out of bed without checking first how I looked, ready to confront the purported evil  entity outside.

I turned the knob around and opened the door wide.


I nearly fell backward upon hearing the shrill sound. Either I looked ghastly to elicit such an anguish cry or I was the victim of a hastily-planned prank, I sought shelter behind the door.

“You asked me to come by and help you with the hut. Do you know what time it is?”

“Oh, Joe, it’s you!” I tried to recall what I said yesterday. “I am sorry I forgot.”

I inched my way outside. facing my kumpare who had his hands on his waist. He was a busy man so to make him wait long was never a good idea: I was the one asking the favor.

“What’s with the ghost thing anyway? If you don’t want to be found, just keep quiet.”

“I was not thinking,” I said lamely. “I thought the call was just a dream.”

“Go back to sleep then,” he suggested. “I’ll come back tomorrow when you are already fully awake.”

“I am awake,” I replied, vigorously wiping my eyes with one hand.

“No, you’re not,” he said grinning, his initial irritation was gone. “The group of women that passed by a few minutes ago could not stop smiling looking at you.”

“Why?” I asked, contemplating every word he said. Then, I looked down. “You are right. I am still sleeping. This is really a nightmare.”



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