I scampered to safety. That was a close call.

Unfortunately, while I ran the twenty meters to the house, my slippers separated from my wet feet. I tripped in the process, sending my body forward to a free fall face down. It was a good thing I had the quick reflex to use my arms to soften the fall.

When I reached the wall, I wiped off the beads of perspiration on my face. I was not scared seeing snakes but I was terrified to get bitten.

While I recollected my wits, standing idly by a small coconut tree near the fence, I observed two children coming down the gravel path. I was familiar with the brother and sister tandem.

“He looks like a monster,” the boy mumbled to her older sister.

“Ssshh! He might hear you.”

I was not deaf. The prevailing wind carried his unsavory words to my ears.

“Your brother seems to dislike me,” I commented without hinting anything. “What did he call me?”

“He said, you owned a hamster,” the girl clarified. She knew how to cover her brother’s remark.

“That’s not what I heard. You know it’s bad to lie.”

“Okay,” the girl replied without guile. “You look like a monster.”

“Am I ugly?”


“So, why do you say I look like a monster?”

Her scared brother tagged her shirt, hurrying her up to finish the conversation.

“So?” I waited anxiously for her reply.

“Please look in the mirror and you will see why,” she replied, then walking away briskly.

I went back inside the house the second time. I had to see why I scared those two children.

Oh, my God! He told the truth. I looked like a zombie, the dried mud I unconsciously pasted on my face while I wiped off my perspiration earlier stuck like a make up. My sour look did not help because it reinforced the image of a scary creature.

Damn snake! Because of it, I was mistaken for a monster. I had to take another shower, too. Double damn.



6 thoughts on “Honest

  1. belsbror…you bring such smiles to my face! I’ve been so busy, but I can’t wait to catch up on all the writings I have missed. You are hilarious!!! A great piece of writing and a smile before I go to bed. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, as always!!!!

    1. I am always aware that you are busy with all your admirable projects. 🙂
      Well. I like to tell my stories. If I make you laugh, that’s a real compliment. 😀

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