In Question

I passed by part of the river the other day after the heavy rains, The water was brown with mud as the level rose a few meters above its normal depth. Normally, one could cross from one side to the other while wading in the knee-deep slow stream. That day, it was impassable even to large trucks that used it to bypass the damaged concrete bridge above.

While watching the rushing waters from the mountains downstream, I could not help but notice the big boulders in the middle of the river. They seemed to move due to the tremendous force pushing them forward.

When I was new in the locality, I heard the story of rolling stones. Back then, the Rolling Stones I knew was the contemporary of The Beatles. Here, they were the real items without fame and fortune.

“I don’t believe it!”

That was what I always said when they claimed the huge stones rolled upstream, moving inexplicably to the opposite direction.

But through the years I came to accept the claim had some truth in it: the stones did move. How was it possible?

The only explanation could be the monthly high tide. Sea water rose and flowed upstream whenever the moon was full. This could explain why the big rocks change positions that could roll them over.

I just wish I could see the phenomenon with my own eyes. However, many people believed the stones moved only in the dead of the night when almost everyone was asleep.



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