“What’s the matter? Your eyes are red.”

My kumpare saw me sitting on a big round stone, looking dejected as if I lost a fortune in a gambling bet.

“I did not have a good sleep.”

Usually, a nightmare would keep a person awake. Not me. I would go back to sleep and forget about it the minute I closed my eyes.

Instead, a different form of annoyance tortured my ears that caused the uneasy slumber.

“Last night, someone is trying to slaughter a cow. For heaven’s sake, why not wait for a few more hours before doing so. People were trying to sleep, you know.”

My kumpare was surprised with my complaint. He was not aware of any such incident.

“Are you sure? Where?”

I imagined myself on my bed, trying to recall where the undecipherable noises came from before I answered.

“There!” I pointed to the house near the hill top. “I am sure of it.”

My kumpare stared at the direction I pointed to. When he spoke, there was no hint of anger.

“Did you hear loud music, too?”

“I guess,” I replied halfheartedly. “It was probably used to dampen the noise a bit.”

“I was there,” he confessed. “No one slaughtered an animal.”

Abruptly, I looked up to him and wondered. Was I terribly mistaken?

“Are you sure?”

He gave me a friendly tap on the shoulder and laughed.

“Please forgive him. The birthday celebrant had too much to drink.”

I could not understand what he was leading up to with the revelation.

“That was him!” he grinned. “He sang all night.”



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