The human voice adds flavor to a melody. The vocal interpretation could provide life to the composition.

However, some music could stand on it own, performed by creative musicians.

Enjoy this version of a popular song. I am sure you would agree that musical instruments could be as versatile as an experienced singer.

What do you think?



6 thoughts on “Wordless

  1. Although this was beautiful music played by two VERY talented musicians, it didn’t resemble any popular song I’ve heard. So, I had to look up the song of course and find I haven’t ever heard of it before. Now I’ve heard the music first of course, the song couldn’t match it’s beauty for me.

    1. I am not sure which came out first, the instrumental version or the song with lyrics. By the way, the song is Titanium. It is very popular nowadays.
      I do like the instrumental version better.

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