Looking Older

For men, facial hair adds contrast to one’s features.

I remember when I was on the verge of adulthood, I asked myself why men of similar age like I was, had moustache and beard. I had a few stubble of what looked like renegade hairs that persisted to grow longer.

Once, there was a Chinese trader who offered me what he called hair grower. He insisted that it was too potent that even a bald man would experience growth after a few weeks of application.

Well, I was not bald though I told him, the product was supposed to be used by a friend. A white lie was in order to protect myself from answering his numerous questions.

I applied the lotion to my chin and on the skin over the upper lip.  I believed that if my moustache and beard grew I would be more mature looking. (Don’t laugh! Locally, girls like older boys.)

A few weeks later, nothing happened. I began to wonder if I was a victim of a scam or my facial hairs were too lazy to show themselves off. Or, they would eventually grow when it was time.

Suddenly, I remembered the trader was bald while his face was unmarked by shaving.



4 thoughts on “Looking Older

  1. In my day we called the first signs of boys facial hair ‘bum fluff’. We all have some hair on our face some is finer and lighter than others but its always there.

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