What drives you?

In time, we will reach a certain point in our lives when we could say we did what we had to do irregardless of what other people think. We would reminisce our accomplishments and setbacks.

They say, getting older is just a numerical counting of years past since our birth. But figuratively, it is the state when we recall the accumulation of knowledge through the years which we convert into wisdom.



5 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Pass me a lighter I need to immerse myself, love this song 🙂

    I think you get braver as you get older less self conscious etc, but the reflection thing I think to some extent for some of us that goes with you all your life. Having said that sometimes I don’t think as people we always truly see or value the lesson’s, experiences etc that life has brought us through, we’re too busy for our own good most of the time. As for wisdom, I can only hope and pray that she pays my life a visit sometime 🙂

    1. What you mentioned about getting braver as we get older is true. There are times we balk with decisions when we were younger but later we often go for it with less thoughts of the consequences,
      Wisdom comes with age. 🙂

      1. It does indeed! Well I think I’m just wishful thinking, it’s shown it’s face once or twice over recent months, but I don’t quite think it’s here to stay just yet lol 🙂

        Ever more lessons to learn me thinks 🙂

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