Second Chances

Loving someone could be one of the best emotions we could feel. But when a relationship falters, can we become immune to sacrifices?

Are we ready to forget the faults of our partner, accept her/him back to the fold?



7 thoughts on “Second Chances

      1. True, but if love is unconditional in the first place then “we” wouldn’t feel that we are sacrificing to make love work 😀

      2. That unconditional you mean. 🙂
        Okay, you got me there. (laughs) How do I explain it? Call them untenable instances that could test one’s love. There are reasons and there are reasons to turn one’s back against a loved one. But as you put it, unconditional love could work if one sacrifices and turns a blind eye about a partner’s indiscretions.

      3. Well now – if indiscretions that “hurt” occur, then unconditional love wasn’t unconditional after all. Hm, scratching my head in a bit of doubt now but I think deep down that’s true 😀

      4. That’s the second chances are about. 🙂
        That’s where unconditional love could come back to the relationship. When faults are forgiven regardless of the hurt inflicted.
        I believe we all can do it when the time comes. 🙂

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