There is a saying that says: Too much of anything is bad just like too little of it.

Obsession comes to mind when we discuss it in terms of love. What is the threshold of loving that would not choke both individuals emotionally in a relationship? Are there clearer signs to warn us that we are nearing the state when the word enough could end everything?

Regret is always felt in the end.  Perhaps, it would be too late to turn things around when the consequences of our earlier decisions would be beyond our control.





5 thoughts on “Over

  1. I need to think about this more before I comment? As always you have given me food for thought my friend which is never a bad thing! Could there ever really be too much love? When does love turn into obsession and in doing so cease to be love? And what of regret? You’ve got me thinking now 🙂

    1. Too much love will kill you is a bit extreme though in a sense it provides us thoughts to ponder. The what ifs and whys have to be answered.
      I think we could think of this on individual basis. What’s good on others might be bad for someone else.

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