Warning! Some adult content.

A love triangle is not supposed to happen. Unfortunately, it has become the most ordinary occurrence to sour relationships.

Can we escape this situation before it’s too late?



7 thoughts on “Crowded

  1. It’s not Can we escape this situation but Will we? The choice is ours but whether we exert will power or not and retain a friendship rather than a romance becomes the question. If we marry, we have an obligation to be faithful to the choices we made and vows taken, if we don’t it’s just being incredibly selfish to satisfy ourselves and stand the chance of hurting those we claim to love.

    1. You have a point.
      But in this imperfect society, there are instances that people do not think first before going into such a relationship, Love will always be their reason, whether it is true or not.
      If ever I was in a situation like that, I would probably sacrifice myself and give way.

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