New Life

Many people around the world had been subjected to traumatic experiences they wanted to get away from. When their continued stay in their places of sad moments keeps them wallowing in despair, they seek refuge to another far far away land that would offer them hope.

However, this is easier said than done. Restrictions bar them from moving freely, leaving them stuck in conflicts’ zones that could end their lives. Pity the children, who suffer the most.

Our governments should do something to relieve them of their miseries. Help end the wars and bring peace,


2 thoughts on “New Life

  1. The way the world is shows me there are some who would never want peace.They love the maiming and the killing, the fear it brings. I wonder if we could split the world into two halves with those who like war on one side and those who love peace on the other.Those who eventually sicken of war can swap sides unless they have committed atrocities and are wanted war criminals. Maybe eventually all the warmongers will kill themselves off if allowed to fight without interference.

    1. I hope it is that simple, People who entertain violence need the victims to make a horrible statement, If they kill each other to the last man, then it’s nothing but carnage. They lose either way.

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