Why do the small people always suffer the most?

Whenever we are asked to support leaders who promise us everything good for our sake, we give them our trust. What do we get in return: betrayal.

The cycle never changes.

When will we learn?



6 thoughts on “Forsaken

    1. We have elections. I think there are no politicians alive who would not be swayed to dishonesty once in office. The position calls for them not to tell the truth as it is.

      1. Politicians are more disonest before elections then after them. People must check what they did in their lives before electing them.
        For example, if a person has no experience in governing (a good track record) and promises everything she/he should be rejected by voters.

      2. When someone enters politics, one has to compromise for the good of the majority, not the minority. This presents a problem to any honest politician. Why? If the minority is right and the politician favors them, what do you think will happen in the next election. Our elections are based on majority votes and not on who is right. This dilemma always get voters to pick the wrong choices.

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