I saw this gem yesterday. I want to share it with you. I think this presentation sums ups our view of our planet and life in general.


More difficult than producing this video is to answer the many positive comments about it. Accesses are arriving daily from various contries. I want, altogether, express my satisfaction at being able to contribute to this post and help so many needed people of a peace message, love and solidarity. Life is not easy for anyone. We face situations that sometimes we keep within us. But, if for a moment, we could see  the good side of everything, then we would look at the world in a different way. The way like Louis Armstrong used to see: An imperfect, but wonderful world!

Note: From the man who shared the video. Thanks.



5 thoughts on “Beauty

    1. Thanks to you, I discovered something new. (That rhymes!) Hahaha!
      Note: I did not use the Add Media. I simply cut and paste the url in the post. It also works that way.

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