There are events in our lives that so often leave us stuck. When the uneasy pause keeps us from moving on with our lives.

Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult thing to do. I had done it a lot of times but each time the feelings linger on, haunting me as if all those people I separated with are always still here with me.

It had never been a simple act to accomplish. And, I wish I will never be saying goodbye to anyone at all. Again.

I am not a person easy to shed a tear. This segment in the film Armageddon makes me every time.



15 thoughts on “Parted

    1. When we are with somebody for a long period of time, a bond will always be made. Saying goodbye is to severe that bond. And I do not mean those who go to another country or anywhere else, but to the other realm. That is the most permanent goodbye. As you aptly put it, “I hate it.”

  1. So sad…there are some who have passed when I was not living here.not saying goodbye is as if they have not parted…just in limbo where I cannot reach them…this past is way sad;(

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