Sometimes my sentimental nature overcomes me with grief. When the past overtakes my present. That whatever I did then had some reason I could not fathom but now I could accept as a mistake. A terrible mistake.

Love lost could be too painful to recall but I must. When such pain even offers glimpses of happy moments before the unfortunate event happened.

I learned my lesson the hard way.



10 thoughts on “Haunted

  1. love it….because the most i appreciated the honesty in a human relationship ….it is hard nowadays (sometimes)

      1. Dear belsbror, how you heal a broken heart? How could you heal? My dear teacher, do you have any advice for a child? Thank you

      2. Heal a broken heart? A difficult question that even I could not easily answer. For my part, time healed it, partially though. It will not really heal because the wound was too deep.

      3. Too sad…. it was a personal question. A friend of mine told me a few years ago that we could heal with an another love. Do you think that he was wrong ? Love love love hard way and difficult too. For a kid. Do you have kids?

      4. Godchildren are kids, too. 🙂 None.
        Going to another relationship after falling out of love presents other problems. You could compare the old and the new; That could bring up more expectations that if not realized, you’ll get frustrated even more. Cool things a bit and be careful the next time around.
        You can do it because your heart will tell you so. 🙂

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