A lazy Sunday to remember when I woke up to the artificial silence of the world. Unnatural it may seemed but it happened.

I flicked on the switch but the bulb did not brighten. It might be old so understandably it could have reached its end of service.

I turned on the computer for sometime, fully unaware of a condition I was not prepared of. I only knew what it was when the battery indicator suddenly blinked: time to recharge.

I was still checking the Reader when the blinking indicator did not stop. Only one thing was for sure, no juice was coming through. The dreaded power outage was at hand.

Almost every neighbor I asked was clueless this time. Before, there were warnings beforehand, when we could argue around why there were power interruptions. Today, we were in the dark, literally and figuratively.

Eighteen hours of pure hell, for waiting for something that should be present but was not. People would be swearing tomorrow everywhere. I hate to say this but the power utility people should wear ear muffs when they go to work to shield themselves from the colorful words they would receive. They deserve them all for being unprofessional.



17 thoughts on “Lighted

  1. You are right. It is the food. This happened to me two years ago. We lost power for 3 days, right after purchasing a refrigerator full of food. I did not mind not having a tv, computer or even light. I was more upset with the enormous waste of money.

  2. Let’s make the power outage go away! I’m super sad today too. I’m looking forward to watching the chaos of the Brazilians vs. The structure of the Germans. Who wins, Belsbror?

      1. The match is 5 am today. Unfortunately, I am already asleep by then. 😀
        I think the Germans will win this time, No Neymar and one of their key defenders Silva cannot play because of two previous yellow cards.
        This might end in a penalty shootout unless the Germans scored first like they did in the French game.
        Holland has to watch though because they had a hard time with Costa Rica which is more inferior to Argentina. Like I said before, they should score first and then defend.

      2. Holy hell fire in a hand basket, Belsbror! I can’t wait until you wake up and see the score!!!!!!!! Hahaha!

      3. I read the news. I am not too shocked because two of Brazil’s stars are out: their best striker and their best captain/defender. I was thinking earlier before I slept that it could be 12-0 rout.
        Germany’s win is bad for Holland. Why? South Americans love football and they will want the Cup in their continent. They will now support Argentina. Messi and company will try to bring back honor to their humiliated neighbors.
        If Holland is to win, they should focus on defense and go for counterattacks. If they give Messi’s teammates chances, they will use Messi as a decoy and go for goal. The presence of Messi is enough to inspire them.
        They will probably repeat their game against Italy. They will try to score first and foil Holland’s attacks.

      4. I figured since the Germans had the flu the whole tournament that they would have tons of energy, but SEVEN?! Wow. I know their win is bad for Holland too. I think you are correct about it giving Argentina a reason to fight. It will surely be interesting. I can’t wait to watch. The ball is round! :p

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