At A Loss

The feeling of uncertainty always produce anxiety. That a negative thought stuck in one’s head could lead to various scenarios of ill events is a frightening condition.

Frankly, I suspected that something wrong happened domestically and or globally. Without information of what was going on for less than a day, our remoteness was a liability. The lack of power source to energize our modern equipment made it impossible for us to know the real score.

I haven’t considered it yet, that I cared so much for the world in general, its people in particular, its future that I shared, for choosing to live far away from where the action is. My desire to live in peace is somewhat a drawback to my genuine intention to make a difference in my small way.

If you take away blogging from me this very minute, I could withstand the pressure for, say a day. But after that, I will find a way to solve the problem, to be reconnected once more, plugged to the system that could give me peace of mind that the world is still living.

I have my life in a place where I chose. But, I also want to hear about the happenings from everywhere so I could feel I am still a part of civilization.



26 thoughts on “At A Loss

  1. I’ve learned that being around other people, even though seems counter intuitive when I’m anxious and want to be alone, actually helps me feel better. I read somewhere that we’re meant to be around others, and it helps to get out of your head and focus on other things =)

    1. Being with other people is good. That’s not a problem here. 🙂
      It is the lack of communication from the outside world that is frightening, not knowing if they are still there and we are not left alone. It’s part of concern.

    1. You cited the exact words: duality of feelings. 🙂
      I feel similarly. I don’t want to live in a chaotic surrounding but at the same time I want it be restored to order for the sake of those living there.

      1. That’s so sweet that you want to restore it. I just throw up my hands but then I feel guilty. That’s my duality. I bet a lot of people deal with this kind of thing.

      2. Exactly. As you said, there’s guilt, which is normal I think, but we still live on to contribute our own share to make things less chaotic.

  2. We all need to have that connection to stay sane. And its pretty unfortunate that our environment is the way it is.
    I really love this blog, the writings, the theme, everything!

    1. The same phenomenon exists almost everywhere. Kids should be made aware that life is not only about themselves and their social media accounts. There are other big issues about life.

  3. I want to know and I don’t want to know…working with much shivering in my work I often shut out the world to stay sane and strong to help youths who call me. My soon hates that I do the ostrich effect but I have to in order to cope. So many posts here enlighten me without shocking me like TV or radio.

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