“That was below the belt, man!”

We did not have communication during the weekend. We were both busy chasing skirts.

“We’re even,” I said, sitting next to him. “You had no idea how that gorilla nearly broke my heart.”

“Is that how you call her?” my classmate asked, back to his old wacky self.

“Oh, that’s a start. You want to get ugly again?” I picked up the joke instantly, my error for giving him the cue.

“No,” he raised his hands in mock surrender. “Just a slip.”

“By the way, I heard you’ll be moving Stateside after graduation.”

“I don’t want to but the whole family is emigrating. They don’t want me left behind.”

“Of course. You’ll destroy the family name.” I laughed at the idea.

After a while, the subject went serious once more.

“How about you?” my classmate knew we were poor.

“I will be putting myself for adoption.”

“You what?” his eyebrows nearly reached his hairline because of utter surprise. “Aren’t you too old? Besides, what will your parents say?”

“Oh, they will agree, I am sure.”

“If I could only stay, we could open up a business together.”

“What business are you thinking of? Fortune Telling?”

“No, I am serious, man! I am thinking more of the new Internet, They say it is trending worldwide.”

“Hah! That’s what they said about long hair, baggy pants and all the rest. Vogues for a while.”

“Let me get back to that adoption thing,” my classmate was worried for my sake. “Do you have old couples or families in mind?”

“Yes,” I confirmed immediately. I mentioned the name.

“Oh, similar to my family name. They must be relatives. That’s great! We’ll be classmates once more.”

“You got that right,” I beamed, leaving the missing pieces of the puzzle out. “In fact, we will be living under the same roof.”

Then, he got it! “You’re making fun of me, man!”

“That’s what you call defensive mechanism, man! I will be sad to part ways with a comedian. I learned a lot from you.”

“Brothers, man!” he shook my hand, clasping it tightly.




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