As a writer, have you noticed how easy it is to recall fun slices of your life and write about them without any problem? It would seem that the replay in your mind is so clear that if you can slip a video recorder in your brain, the playback could be considered as high definition.

On the contrary, unhappy incidents, especially violent ones, are difficult to remember in detail, our brains seem to block parts or even a whole chunk to protect our present sanity. And to put them in writing is a torture, the reenactment in our minds causing more harm than good.

Experience is the best teacher, so they say. Good ones could motivate others, even entertain. Bad moments ask for explanations, even pity, or worse indifference.

I like to write about happy events. Unfortunately, in reality, I also need to relate the way things are: often bad.

But, the good side will always prevail in the end. I am recording them in my brain.



12 thoughts on “Imprinted

    1. Once in a while, recalling failures help us to learn from mistakes. Good memories do not have to be connected to success. They are incentives for us to believe that we are doing fine and we could make a difference.

  1. Henry uses both the positive and negative experiences that this bitch of a world throws at him. By allowing both sides, equally, to prevail he ensures a more… (whats the word)…organic or natural style of writing. Give the middle finger to happy happy and piss all over the conventionalist’s conventions, balls to them! Write who you are, not who they say you are.

    1. I share your views. 🙂
      Sometimes, to balance things up, when more bad news are around, I need to feel positive so I write anything that could buoy my spirits up. There’s nothing wrong with that, I think.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with that my friend. My meaning was to point out that converting a bad situation or emotion into something tangible, like a piece of text, can bring out a silver lining that you could never have known existed. When Henry feels, ahhhh, anxious or nervous, he likes to try and describe exactly how he feels and therefore build it in to the mood of the story, or blog etc.
    It keeps it feeling real and geniune. But I do also share your views on how writing can help channel the bad feeling and covert them into happiness!
    Wait a minute, I think we’re going around in circles here!

    1. Writing what we feel is what we really need. You are right about that. If I do so, when looking at what’s happening in my country for example, this blog will be a political one. I try to skip that thought. I would feel miserable.
      On the other hand, I try to see the silver lining that you mentioned and relive those in what I post. The feel good vibes naturally translate to happy thoughts for myself and readers alike.
      I can write about the real world as it is but sometimes all that negativity affects my peace of mind. I am a happy person even though I live a simple life. I like it that way and I want to show that it can be done anywhere.
      Your thoughts mean a lot to me. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Thank you too, my friend. I think we may be a little bit lost in translation…I wasn’t refering to the social climate, I was addressing my own mindset, for whatever reason. However, I have a healthy respect for your ideals and intentions when it comes to writing. I’ll look forward to your future posts.

      2. The political thing was an example. 🙂
        I believe we are threading the same line. I am glad we are in a healthy exchange of ideas. Something positive always result to mutual respect for each other’s outlooks.
        I have to sleep now. It is early morning here. The power outage forced me to blog at this hour.

  3. I recently read something about this about repressed memories and how sometimes we need to work past those to be fulfilled. So true that many times we also need to then talk positive

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