“So, it turned out well.”

I began to suspect that my classmate would claim the credit for my happy ending so I went to the offensive and turned the tables on him.

“I told her to take her dress off.”

“Come on, Stop fibbing. She won’t do that.”

“As a matter of fact, she did,” I replied, pausing a long time for effect. My classmate showed a face of disbelief, or envy, or both. “I was there. remember?”

He fell silent. I could sense he was arguing with himself whether to congratulate me or leave me in a hurry. I clarified so he would not be feeling in the dark.

“Of course, she changed in the ladies room.”

He burst into laughter. “You son of a trader! That was a cliff hanger!”

“You always do that to me so taste your own medicine.”

“She really had a good time? I am sorry about the gorilla.”

“Come to think of it, besides the extra thousand I spent, that incident was a blessing in disguise.”

“How’s that?”

“My date and I came out from the carnival, where all animals are fake,” I grinned, “I saw someone familiar. She was with an older guy. They looked so sweet together.”

“Do we know them? Do I know her?” his voice was ominously on the verge of anxiety.

“Your girlfriend even greeted us.”

My classmate’s face turned red. Jealousy was all over him.

“Do I know the guy? Is he that wealthy businessman? My former rival?”

“No, he’s a different chap,” I replied cryptically. “Don’t worry. I think your girlfriend is in safe hands.”

“What?! How can you say that? I am your friend. You should have warned her.”

“I don’t think she would have listened to me.”


“Because . . .” I floated the word before I delivered the punch line.

“You’re making me angry, man!”

“Because . . .” I teased him some more. He looked like a bull, ready to gore me.

“Come on!”

I started to run away, leaving him fuming when I shouted, “she was with her father.”



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