Here’s a short excerpt from Resistance.

“I have no family but I have relatives. I am an orphan but I have brothers.”

Standing forever, too long I could not remember, My lower extremities were welded on an island of conductors and insulators. I was not alone: others shared my condition. Our positions were dictated by a design we knew nothing about.

I was manufactured in a world of plastics, paints and automated machines. Impersonal hands of beings sorted us out, checking the branded bands of colors signifying our tolerances. We were prisoners, classified to withstand torture without any interrogation.

Sometimes, there were quiet moments when solitude was complete, when darkness helped us rest.

Time was useless to us. But timing was important. It coordinated the activities in our environment.

When an operation was underway, it was easy to detect. I could feel the current passing through me. The excruciating pain often made me hot that I imagined myself exploding.

“Be still,” shouted someone. “It will pass. You’ll get the hang of it.”

I never saw anyone before. I had no eyes, ears or organs for that matter. All I had were legs of thin metal and elongated ceramic body.

How did I hear something?

“We are connected,” came the reply. “We function to serve a single purpose.”

What is that? The voice of a god? The whisper of reason?

“We need you. You need us.”

I am just a resistor, a common name given to us all with similar qualities.

“Without you, everything will fall apart.”

Why me? What’s our purpose?

“Emulate the human brain.”



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