No Answer

We won!

Part of the officers’ corps who trained the Model platoon, I was clad in a military uniform, proud and eager to be identified with the winning group. As head of the Cadet Officers’ Candidates Course, I shared part of the responsibility of molding our incoming replacements.

Cadet Colonel was but a ceremonial rank but it was precious  to my self confidence. It brought me respect from individuals who never knew me before. And, I returned it back with dedication to my duty.

Before the drills competition came to a close, a lovely creature caught my attention. It was no secret I liked her so one of my enterprising cadet trainee got me a photo of her. I could not hide my excitement that I automatically told him, he’d pass the course.

A few months later, when we celebrated our school fair, girls from other schools were allowed inside the premises to mingle with the boys. I saw her once more, lovelier than the last time I saw her.

“How are you? It’s been a while . I never thought you’ll come back.”

Her smiling face had not lost its magic on me. Like the Mona Lisa smile, there’s a mystery hidden within.

“Remember me? I think you do.”

She was speechless. I bet she was also excited to see me.

“Can I invite you out? My treat. Anywhere you want.”

“Yes, that would be great. I love men who talk to me personally.”

Something was wrong. I never imagined her voice sounded masculine. I turned around and found out I was not mistaken.

“You should go to her instead of talking to her photo. That’s a waste of saliva.”

Mind reader would not get off my back. He was always at the right place and at the right time.

“I could give you a demotion if you tell this to others,” I warned.

“My mouth is shut, sir, Cadet Colonel,” he saluted obliquely.



8 thoughts on “No Answer

      1. I know. Not so much How are things in Glocca Morra, more its the Monsoon season in the Philippines…Or is it Bangkok, or is Bangkok in the Philippines. Or, here’s a thought: is there a monsoon season in the Philippines or Bangkok…

      2. (laughs) Can’t tell about Bangkok. Far away from here. 🙂
        Right now, slight rain once in a while. They predicted an El Nino so that’s part of the reason the monsoon season is mild. Can’t say I am complaining.
        No power outages and I am fine. 😀

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