“I am glad you came over.”

I was embarrassed to see my classmate in his shorts and bare chested. He looked like a gigolo clutching in his arms a life-sized female dummy. 😀

“Can’t find a real girl?” I asked, covering my eyes so as not to spoil my classmate’s wild imagination.

“Is that a joke?” he shot back, “If that’s not a joke, you’re making me angry.”

“Relax,” I calmed him. “I’m here so you can give her a rest.”

“Hahaha! You are joking.”

“Why the dummy anyway?” My curiosity was aroused.

“I will teach you how to dance.”

“Now, you’re joking!” I stood up ready to leave. That’s the last lesson I wanted to learn about.

“Have a heart! I need you to accompany me to a party. It’s a formal dance.”

“You want me to be your partner?” I asked, shaking my head. “No way! I won’t be wearing a dress.”

“Are you crazy? I want you to escort another girl. She’s the best friend of my partner. If she does not come, my partner won’t either. They’re a package deal.”

“Another blind date? Oh, no! Have you forgotten the last one? She was more handsome than me.”

“That’s different,” he chuckled. “In fairness, we were both duped. I did not know they were both transgenders.”

“I won’t dance. Period!”

“Come on! Help me, please! I really like this girl.”

“Okay! Okay!” I agreed halfheartedly. “Except . . .”

“Except what?” my classmate held his breath, waiting for my pre-condition.

“No fancy dancing. Only very sweet.”



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