Another high school favorite was Geography because I dreamed then of traveling around the world. It would be a sin of carelessness if I did not know the place where I was at at the moment. ๐Ÿ˜€

Other than the interesting histories and descriptions of places we had to study, I could not find another reason why the subject had to be taught in school. Even back then, when technological advances were not yet available, staring at pictures of great sights led us only to wishful dreaming: escape. Living in a Third World country could certainly give you such thought.

Heard of the expression, a stranger in one’s country?

I bet many us have traveled in various places abroad but seldom see the sights in our home turfs. It is understandable especially if home is not conducive to a pleasurable vacation. Who would want to be abducted and taken hostage in hostilities-prone areas even if the place is rich with history and magnificent scenery?

But back to the subject of Geography, isn’t it a less important subject to teach in school? Nowadays, with the availability of the Internet, an individual has the means to learn the subject in the confines of one’s home.

And perhaps, with a couple years of waiting, technology will provide us with an option to do away with physical travel: we sit back, watch the screen and feel like we are actually at the scene we wished to be.



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      1. It’s very interesting. I feeling bored with WordPress and that’s why I cannot have a theme of poems, spirituality, cats, etc.

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