His cheek still hurt but he was undaunted to show me he had the skill.

“Look at her,” my classmate pointed to the waitress. We moved to another joint because of his earlier failed stunt.

“What about her? Don’t tell me you’ll give her a palm reading.”

If looks could kill, I would have been dead. My classmate did not want to be reminded.

“I’ll subconsciously convince her to give us free drinks.”

“I think you’re stretching this a bit,” I said without sounding disrespectful. “You know I believe you already.”

“No, you don’t,” he countered quickly. “You think I am just fooling around.”

Okay, he had skill. He read my mind.

“Will you excuse me? I need to go to the rest room.”

“Why?” he asked automatically.

“Read my mind,” I left him scratching his head. Obviously, he was getting nervous to lose me as his disciple.

Ten minutes later, I was back. I wanted to go home but my classmate would not let me until his magic was finished.

The waitress came with two bottles of soda. She placed them down on the table calmly. But before she left, she winked at me and smiled.

“She likes you,” my classmate observed. “She’s okay.”

After finishing our drinks, my classmate whispered, “Now, we’ll see if my power over her worked.”

We stood up and walked in our most casual manner out the joint. Any call for our attention because of the non-payment of the soda we drank would prove that my classmate failed again.

No one ran after us.

“That’s the proof, man!” he tapped my shoulder, elated for his success. “You can do it, too.”

I simply nodded, eager to move on to another topic, far from trickery.

The next day, while I walked to school, I saw the waitress coming my way. She was going the opposite direction, off to her work.

“Oh, you’re familiar,” she said, recalling faces in her memory. “You’re with that character who looked very serious. I hope he’s okay now.”

I coughed several times. I was not feeling well.

“Anyone paying in advance is good in my book. Thanks for the tip.”



6 thoughts on “Proven

      1. I paid for the soda when I excused myself. That’s why the waitress winked at me. I told her not to say anything because my friend was sick. 😀

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